Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

 No matter which brand of air conditioner, heat pump or ductless mini-split unit you use, our team of technicians can handle it. They treat your home like it was their own, leaving no mess behind. Our team uses their continuing education to provide air conditioning repair options to you without any pressure. 

How Do You Know You Need Air Conditioning Service?


Simply, there are three things to consider:

Is your air conditioning unit behaving strangely?

This might include blowing hot air, frequent stops and starts or spikes in your utility bill.

Does your air conditioning unit make strange sounds?

These are different from the usual sounds it makes when it comes on and shuts off. Typical descriptions include clicks, screeches, squeals, hisses or grinding noises.

Is there an odd odor?

Burning or musty odors warrant an appointment with an Emerald professional.

Air Conditioning Replacement and A/C Installation


It’s rarely an easy decision to replace an air conditioning unit. It’s a big investment in your home and most people wait until it’s absolutely necessary. We understand this and offer free estimates and second opinions for new HVAC equipment. We’ve served the Norman community for 10 years now and offer finance options with approved credit to make the decision easier.

When we consult with a homeowner, we carefully assess each home and household’s needs. The structure of the building and the homeowner’s energy goals figure into our consultant’s calculations.

It’s crucial to size the air conditioner appropriately. Too big is just as bad as too small. Trust Emerald to make this big investment an easy one. After all, it’s not just comfort. Air conditioning is often about health and safety too!

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