Many problems homeowners encounter with their  HVAC systems can be avoided with regular maintenance. Like the car you drive, your systems need regular tune-ups to make sure they are operating at optimal efficiency. 

At Emerald Heat & Air we can’t stress enough how important routine maintenance is. The weather in Oklahoma can be unpredictable, so whether it’s hot or cold, you need to be confident that your HVAC can handle your home comfort needs!  


· 2-18 Point Inspections 

· Front of the Line Service (within 24 hours)

· Reduced Service Call Rate to $79.95

· 10% Off All Repairs

· Up to $1000 off new system**

· Email Service Maintenance Reminders

· Add $150 for each additional system 

18- Point Inspection

18 Point Air Conditioning Inspection

  1. Replace the air filter with standard 1" filter or clean
  2. Blower motor-check amps and blower wheel
  3. Thermostat-test operation
  4. Inspect indoor coil if accessible
  5. Condensate Drain-blow out if accessible 
  6. Inspect outdoor coil for damage or leaks
  7. Clean outdoor coil and remove debris
  8. Check refrigerant charge
  9. Electrical disconnect box-inspect for proper rating and safety
  10. Electrical wiring-inspect and tighten connections
  11. Contactor- test and inspect for burned contacts
  12. Inspect electrical for exposed wiring 
  13. Test capacitors
  14. Inspect fan blades
  15. Check service valves for proper operations 
  16. Measure temperature differential 
  17. Check amps and wiring conditions on the compressor
  18. Inspect all ductwork for energy loss 

18 Point Furnace Inspection

  1. Replace air filter with standard 1" filter or clean
  2. Inspect for combustible material around furnace
  3. Thermostat-test for proper operation
  4. Ignition system-test for safe and proper operation
  5. Check for proper exhaust venting 
  6. Test safety and control circuits
  7. Clean and inspect burners
  8. Inspect heat exchanger and clean if necessary
  9. Clean flame sensor or pilot
  10. Test capacitors
  11. Measure and adjust gas pressure
  12. Check for natural gas leak
  13. Inspect combustion air vents
  14. Electrical wiring-inspect and tighten connections
  15. Blower motor-check amps and blower wheel
  16. Measure the supply/return temperature differential 
  17. Test for carbon monoxide around the furnace and from the airstream 
  18. Check smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector operations